Golden Spring Technical Services LLC

Golden Spring Technical Services LLC registered in Dubai on January 2008, focus on technical service to oilfield – related engineering and erection work, with a subsidiary company AL FONOON General Trading LLC centering on materials supply related to oilfield services including large scale equipment, accessories and others.

We are a united team in fast development while constantly grow up to be mature and successful. Our services have extended into labor service export, oilfield – related material purchasing, construction, prefabricated house, foodstuff supply and others.

Throughout years experience in international procurement, we have acquired diverse channels and medias that lead to further guarantee of our service quality and competitive price.

We take great advantages in the area of prefabricated house as a result of our capability which able to satisfy customers demands in all aspects.

We recruit experienced and specialized engineers and builders as a core point that enables us to access to major projects and yielded impressive results.

The Organization consists of the following divisions:

GM Office
Finance Dept.
Sales & Operation
Marketing Dept.
Document Control Centre
General Management Dept.(HR & Administration)
Logistic Management
Production & Technology Dept.
Engineering Dept.

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