G-Midifier(Green Humidifier) Invention Award Winning Best Humidifier. Save Thousands of Dollars over the life of the Product!

Product Features

  • Humidifier Top Rated, Energy saver, Awarded Invention
  • Anti-bacteria, Anti-mold, Semi-Permanent Filters, No noise
  • Dishwasher Safe, Easy to clean, Baby Friendly
  • Naturally controls humidity by room temperature accordingly
  • Non electric humidifier (every year $100-400 of electric bill can be saved every year)
New Price: $19.99
Old Price: $19.99
(as of 10/14/2022 03:11 UTC - Details)

Product Description

G-Midifer is a new green humidifier which does not require any electricity. In October 2010, G-Midifier received an invention award by The Star Ledger Newspaper.

There are many problems on existing humidifiers. Ladies hate to clean the humidifier. Customers get annoyed by the mist generating noise and the high electric bills. Some humidifiers are very expensive to buy. Sometimes the wall paper, curtain, or books nearby the humidifier get soggy because of over-humidification. Customers are worrying about bacteria and mold grow in the water tank as well as the mist generating parts. Sometimes, the humidifiers break down and the filter should be replaced every year. All these problems cost money and time consuming annoying effort.

G-Midifier has a perfect solution for all the above problems. Some people are skeptical about the performance and asking me a scientific test data. It works perfect. The principle is simple and straight forward that everybody knows. In winter, the hot forced air drys out humidity in a room instantly. The dry air in a room causes allergy and asthma. Without humidifiers, we hang a wet towel. On the next morning, it drys out and supply extra humidity in the room. G-Midifier contains a half gallon of water enough to supply ten wet towels of water. It does not matter to change the phase of liquid into gas whether a heating coil boils water, motor and fan vaporizes water, ultra sonic strikes water changing into cool mist, or evaporating water on an increased surface area in room temperatures.

G-Midifier is not only very inexpensive to buy but also extremeley inexpensive to operate. There is no moving parts what so ever. It does not break down and does not have to change filters quite often. The water container is made from anti-bacterial plastic. For the best of all, it is dishwasher or machine wash safe. One G-Midifier is good for a 200 square foot room.

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